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Why is the world not aware of The Femicide ?

The International community knows about this, at least the people in power and the main International organizations. The United Nations for example has a large mission in Congo-Zaire that reports regularly the atrocities committed on women.
The Congolese people, especially those abroad, are also to blame. They lack unity that could help them be heard with a louder voice than individual scattered voices.

Can't the UN mission (MONUC) act to stop this ?

Yes it can. Normally as peacekeepers, the mission should help the people in the area but it simply does not do it. It has complained about a lack of funds and infrastructures to help its troops reach remote areas of the country. In contrast, the perpetrators have reached those areas and live there without helicopters, vehicles or any infrastructure. Are they just far stronger than the UN troops ?

Why doesn't the army of Congo-Zaire act upon this ?

Apart from not being very well organized, the defense of the country has been under an arms embargo by the United Nations for all the years that it has been under attacks.
That embargo has just been lifted in April 2008 at a time when the country is rather in dire need of money to reconstruct, not to buy weapons.
The main reason though is that the army has been trying to re-organize after several rebellions that dismantled it.
Also, it has been infiltrated by foreign troops that serve other interests than those of the nation.
Soldiers are also not well-paid therefore, not much motivated.

What is the Congolese government doing about this ?

Like the army, the Congolese government itself is a victim of disorganization from coups d'Etat and infiltration by unpatriotic individuals, not working for the population or the nation.
It appears also that the international community with its force (MONUC) in the area prefers to enforce negociations and agreements with the terrorists instead of either fighting them or letting the Congolese government fight them.

Is the Congolese army committing the atrocities too ?

The Congolese army is not in any way participating in the Femicide. That is a propaganda of the real perpetrator in order to hide.
Some soldiers, like in any army, do commit rapes sometimes which unfortunately go unpunished but they do not, in any way, intend to exterminate the female population or simply torture it.
If the Congolese Army was part of this Femicide, what would be its motive ? And why is it not committing it anywhere else on the national territory ? Has the army selected a batallion of criminals only to the Kivu region and kept the "normal" soldiers in the rest of the country ?

What about soldiers featured in some documentaries or movies admitting raping ?

Not everybody in arms or a military uniform is a soldier.
From the rare testimonies it is obvious that those speaking are under the influence of some substance, mindless and rather some type of militias reigning in the jungle than soldiers.
Which real soldier would go in front of a camera and describe how he's committing rape ? There has not been a verification of the identity of those individuals. Their commanders or colleagues should be able to recognize them.
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